How real should an image be to become invisible?


Map and Territory is made of images of other images deteriorating.

 It is based on two cut-out photographic sculptures (red carpet, 2011 and grey carpet, 2011) exhibited in an outside yard as part of Folkestone Fringe Triennial, July 2011.

After the exhibition both pieces were left in place and photographed for seven months. Throughout this period they were transformed by the elements becoming increasingly assimilated by the natural environment.








> Map and Territory, 2012

installation, variable dimensions

85 images printed on

50 recycled sheets paper

(both sides, 900x640 cm)





















> Map and Territory, 2012

Artist’s hand-made book

Special edition

10 copies individually

signed and numbered

Inkjet print

Cyclus recycled paper

28 pages

H 59 x W 40 cm


























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